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I'm finally back after going to Gold Coast for a little break - which explains my lack of updates! Thank God for the safe trip back to Canberra and gladly i wasn't affected by the flood in Queensland.
Despite the rain, the trip (overall) was nice and i got to try a few places that i would recommend to you all -coming in the next few posts, so stay tuned!
I decided to try Shinbashi Yakiniku (Japanese Style BBQ) after seeing how much my friend loves that place. 'It must be good' - i thought to myself since she had already been there AT LEAST three times (mind you, she lives in Canberra) and the restaurant has only been opened for about 7 months!
Shinbashi Yakiniku (2900 Logan Road, Underwood, Logan City - (03) 3841 5888) is tucked away in a rather quiet complex, so don't freak out if you can't find it at first sight. It is a nice and simple restaurant furnished with wooden tables and chairs and the staff is very attentive and polite.
Not long after we were seated, we got some Iced Tea and a bowl of Edamame. It took us a while to decide on what to order as the menu is packed with a lot of mouth-watering dishes. We ordered the $69 set menu for two plus a few other dishes. The fun thing about Japanese BBQ is that you cook your own food (meaning that you can't blame the chef if it ends up tasting horrible) and the good thing about it? It doesn't use oil, which translates into a healthier meal plus your clothes won't end up smelling bad afterwards.
The meat/seafood dishes at Shinbashi are seasoned to the minimal, just enough to enhance its flavours and freshness. I was actually pleased to see the restaurant commitment in serving good quality produce.
Below are the dishes that we tried:


- Enoki Mushroom: simply cooked with a slice of butter. Simple but delicious.

Overall the seafood was alright. Just make sure that you don't overcook it or else the seafood will be dry and tough.
- Squid: tasted normal but it was fresh.
- Japanese Scallop: tasted good when cooked just right. I failed the first batch, so it ended up a bit chewy. The second batch, however, tasted lovely.


- Premium Ox Tongue: tasted really good (juicy & tender) and not surprised that it is a popular dish at Shinbashi. I am not a big fan of ox tongue but this one i would totally recommend! Don't forget to eat it with the onion condiment that comes with the dish.
- Boneless Chicken: this dish had a 'heavier' marinade in order to bring out the delicate chicken taste. It was nice but not one of my favorites.
- Chicken Cartilage: I liked this dish because i am a total fan of chicken cartilage. It tasted really nice with the simple hint of pepper and salt, and the bit of meat around the cartilage was very soft and tender. Recommend it if you like something crunchy and chewy.
- Pork Jowl: It is a rather fatty cut of meat but i have to say that it tastes simply delicious after being cooked. Just for your info, I cooked it until the fatty part started turning a little brown and crispy. Recommend this too!

- Marble Beef: liked the fact that it was thinly sliced which made it super soft and tender. Nice dish. Make sure you don't overcook it.
- Wagyu Marble Beef (~marble score of 4): this one is not as soft as the marble beef but still very good and tasty. It has a chewier texture which i like.
- Wagyu Rump (Marble Score 7-8): definitely the highlight of the night. It was simply devine and the wagyu just melted in my mouth. I haven't had such a good piece of wagyu for a while. It was only seasoned with a bit of seasalt and all you need to do is to sear it. *Thumbs up and it's a must order dish!
Originally, there were a total of 6 pieces of wagyu. I was so eager to try it that i almost forgot to take a photo of them. *phew
Look at all that Wagyu goodness =9
 To finish our lovely meal we treated some Matcha Ice Cream - two scoops of matcha ice cream on some cornflakes and finished with some red bean syrup. I like how they used corn flakes at the bottom to add that 'crunch' factor! Yummy =)

Nice staff. Good food. Fun Experience.
I had a lovely dinner at Shinbashi and i did enjoy the whole experience of cooking my own food. The food overall was good and you can tell that Shinbashi does look after the quality and freshness of what they serve. The highlights of the night (for me) were the Premium Ox Tongue, Pork Jowl and the Wagyu Rump...ohn and the Matcha Ice Cream too (i'm a total sucker for green tea ice cream)! 
I will most definitely be back when i get a chance to visit Brisbane again!

Thanks Steve, owner of Shinbashi Yakiniku, and the staff for looking after us! 

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missklicious said...

Looks like an awesome meal, especially the wagyu!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh all of that delicious meat! I must say that I love beef tongue too-not the idea of it but the taste and texture of it :)

Hao said...

Green tea ice cream! :D

The InTolerant Chef said...

Glad you're back in one piece! The wagu and scallops are my pick, yumm...

Steve said...

Thanks for coming Mavis.
Nice photos!

Yuki said...

@misskilicious: u should try if you get a chance to go to Brissie
@Lorraine: i agree~
@Hao: *thumbs up
@The Intolerant Chef: thanks! wagyu was awesome ^^
@Steve: Thanks for having me =) All the best with ur business and i hope to be back!

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