Iori Japanese Restaurant

Two thousand and ten is the year that Iori (41 East Row, Canberra City) celebrates its 9th year anniversary. It is located in the heart of Canberra CBD, but due to its non-extravagant outward appearance, you can potentially miss it. However, it is a very popular destination during lunch (or even dinner!) time so it is recommended that you make a booking to avoid disappointment.
I reckon that Iori is one of the best and most authentic Japanese restaurants here in Canberra. It is a rather small restaurant with a humble and traditional Japanese decor. The restaurant has various seating options such as the Sushi Bar,Tatami and ordinary tables and the menu offers a great variety of dishes that leaves you wondering of what to order.
Since my friend had finished all her exams for this semester, we decided to go to Iori to celebrate. I was disappointed by the fact that they no longer had the Chirashi set - which was my favorite. Thus, we ended up ordering a Sashimi Bento and one of the items that was under the Chef's Special Menu (which is limited to 9 serves a day): Dragon All Set GT. There is a different Chef's Specials for Dinner, so just check it out in their website!
Sashimi Bento - a Traditional Japanese Lunch Box containing Sashimi (fresh raw fish) and entrees served with Rice & Miso Soup. The portion has definately gone smaller throughout the years as i clearly remember that some components of this dish had more than just one piece. Back then,however, no entrees were served with it. Overall, the fish was quite fresh except for the tuna.
Dragon All Set GT - Famous Dragon Roll, Teriyaki Chicken, Deep fried Seafood, accompanied with Salad, served with Miso Soup. This set was definately worth it with the amount of food that came with it. The Dragon Roll was nice, especially with that subtle spiciness in the prawn tempura and the teriyaki chicken cutlet was nice and tender. Ohn...almost forgot to mention that the little entrees were quite okay, especially the crab one!
Dragon All Set GT
Teriyaki Chicken
Dragon Roll
The staff was polite and the service was great. We had a nice lunch and we walked out of the restaurant very full and satisfied.

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6 snowdrop meringues:

Nancy said...

Hmmm... for some reason, I think the quality has gone down.
I always end up very thirsty after the meal. That being said, I'd still go there for sashimi.
alright, should really study. :S

can't wait for the Pork Barrel post~ :P

Hao said...

The sashimi looks good!

But more importantly, Iori is one of my favourite characters in King of Fighters 2001.

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

oh my - that photo of the dragon rool is amazing! Great pic!

Yuki said...

@Nancy: yeah...i guess so..
but i reckon it is still one of the best in canberra..maybe i will try the sister restaurant...
@Hao: =_=" hehehhee...
@Lisa: thanks =)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Mmm a roll os sashimi with salmon roe on top is my kind of people! :P Sounds like you found a winner! :D

Mills said...

thanks! I work there and am a huge fan of your amazing food.

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