Pork & Chives Chinese Dumplings

It was a particularly cold day here in Canberra and i decided to make Chinese dumplings for dinner. They are one of the best comfort foods that you can have during winter, not to mention that i love the dumpling 'skin'. They are fun to make, cute to look at, packed with flavours and has that lovely hot meaty juice (that sometimes burns your tongue)!
I wanted to make Pork & Chives dumplings, so I went to Dickson to get some ready-made dumpling skin, chives and lean minced pork. I think that the fun part of the whole process it's the wrapping step; i like filling the skin with as much meat filling as possible (which can sometimes end up in a failed dumpling) and then slowly moulding it to resemble a Chinese dumpling. I was pretty happy with my dumplings and i made them in a way that was easy for pan frying  (like 锅贴) and for boiling.
Chinese Dumplings after the wrapping process ^^
The boiled dumplings turned out quite nice with an 'al dente' skin and a meaty juice flowing out as soon as you take a bite. The pan-fried ones also had that lovely juice plus a crispy bottom. In terms of appearance, I don't think my pan-fried ones turned out quite as pretty as the boiled ones though.
Pan-fried Pork & Chives Dumpings
Boiled Pork & Chives Dumplings

So tell me, what kind of Chinese dumpling fillings that you fancy?

3 snowdrop meringues:

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh I'd better not show this to hubby or he'll be requesting a few batches of this! :P

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

ooooh these look so so good! I agree with Lorraine - I CANNOT show these to Mr BBB or he will make a dinner request ;)

Yuki said...

@Lorraine & Lisa: you girls are funny! ^^

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