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The first time that i learnt about Cupp'd - Cupcakes and Dreams was when a friend of mine became a fan of it on Facebook. As a person who likes cupcakes, i decided to see what was Cupp'd Cupcakes all about. To my delight, Cupp'd is based in Canberra and offers cupcakes that are made-to-order. I immediately e-mailed Malanda letting her know that I was interested in trying out her cupcakes. She was so kind to make me some chococate and vanilla cupcakes and i picked them up right after work. It's my fault that the cupcakes don't look as nice (the icing melted a tad bit) because i ended up spending more time than i expected shopping. It's the end-of-financial-year-sales time! *hehehe
Cupcakes with smarties and cachous: chocolate cupcakes
Cupcake with cachous: vanilla cupcakes

The good thing about Cupp'd Cupcakes is that they don't have that commercial taste that you'll find in a lot of the mass-produced cupcakes. I simply adored the vanilla ones, they were moist and soft *thumbs up. The chocolate cupcakes were nice (a bit less moist than the vanilla ones) but i think they needed a bit more of chocolate in the base since they didn't have a chocolate icing. Overall, nice and lovely cupcakes and i might even order a batch of 'Cookies & Cream' sometime soon!

For more information and details on cupcake flavours, visit Cupp'd facebook page. If you would like to order some Cupp'd Cupcakes contact Malanda on malanda@cuppd.com

3 snowdrop meringues:

discount cookware said...

The Cupcakes in the picture are looking so delicious that i wanted to eat them but i cant OK and the color chosen for the beeds is very nice. keep on uploading these kind of blogs.

Yuki said...

@discount cookware: thanks =)

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Mal! :D I was wondering what her cupcakes tasted like...I might have to get some off her too...

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