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We were at Digress Restaurant & Lounge for a Christmas work dinner - a place that was highly recommended by the manager. We were greeted by two Asian-looking lion statues at the entrance before heading downstairs where the restaurant and the lounge are. The restaurant is dimly lit to create a more relaxing environment (but not too good for photo-taking) with the wall recesses adorned with vases in a simplistic manner and tables neatly presented with purple tablecloths. Forgot to mention that Digress' specialty is to serve Italian and Indian fusion dishes which i thought would be quite an interesting combination to try. 
The menu offers a lot of choices which made it hard to decide, so we ordered a Naan Basket and some Mozzarella & Paneer Fritters to start with. The naan basket came with 3 different types of naan: fetta naan, sundried tomato naan and garlic naan. The fetta naan was quite nice with the gooey and yummy centre but my favorite was still the garlic naan.
The mozzarella and panner fritters were lovely - nice and crispy on the outside with a soft and melt-in-your mouth texture inside. It came with a jalapeƱo aioli which gave it a nice kick too. 

By the time we finished our entrees, the mains didn't take long to arrive. We ordered a Penne Al Salmon, Chilli Chicken Fusilli, Carbonara Murga and a Navrattan Gnocchi. All dishes were very delicious and the pasta perfectly cooked al dente. The dish that fit the 'Italian-Indian fusion' category the most was probably the Navrattan Gnocchi, the 'fusioness' was not as evident in the other dishes - tasty nonetheless. We also got some Roti to accompany our mains but i don't think they were as good as the naan. 
Chilli Chicken Fusilli wasn't as spicy as i thought it would be, but still a lovely dish. Nothing really stood out for me though.

Carbonara Murga was one of the dishes that tasted the least Italian-Indian-fusion in my humble opinion. But who cares, the chicken was tender and the sauce was delicious!

Penne Al Salmon was simply divine. Even without eating the pieces of smoked salmon, you could clearly taste the salmon infused in the pasta. We all agreed that it was a delicious dish! Again, not much of the Italian-Indian-fusion in it.

Last one of the mains was the Navrattan Gnocchi. The gnocchi was lightly crisp on the outside and soft inside. The sauce was rich and tasty and it complimented well with the gnocchi, now this is a Italian-Indian fusion dish!

Here is a photo of the rotis that we've ordered:

We were incredibly full after our mains but that still didn't deter us from getting some desserts to share! Our desserts looked so colourful and pretty; this is what we ordered: Chocolate Pizza, Mango Kulfi, Gulab Jamun with Gelato and a Tiramisu. My favorite one was the mango kulfi which was packed with mango flavour and very refreshing! The gulab jamun (golden-fried dumplings soaked in rose syrup) with pistachio gelato was not bad; the dumplings had a nice texture and the pistachio gelato was tasty...nice dessert but just not my cup of tea. Tiramisu was probably the least impressive dessert we had, somehow the components just didn't blend well...like a not-quite-there-tiramisu? Last dessert on the table was the chocolate pizza with a chilli cherry (i am so glad that we got the cherry in a separate little bowl). It wasn't a wow dessert as i could have probably made this myself but on a side note, think twice before eating that chilli oil-dipped cherry! *witnessed some interesting reaction*
Digress Restaurant & Lounge is a very comfortable and relaxing place to enjoy your meal and catch up with friends. The service is good and the staff is super friendly. The highlights of this meal for me will be the mozzarella & paneer fritters, the naan basket and the mains.

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Jem Jems Food Blog said...

You're back!!! Great read and good photos :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wow Indian Italian sounds like an interesting combo!

Lisa said...

The staff there are lovely. We quite often go dancing in the lounge area. Once the diners have finished up, they turn up the music and clear space for a dance floor. Definitely a favourite venue for a good night out.

Yuki said...

@Jem Jems: I've been a bit busy lately =(
@Lorraine: you should try!
@Lisa: I'm glad you like Digress. The lounge is indeed very spacious and comfy! (heaps of bean bags!!!)

Sasha said...

Excellent review Mavis. I can still feel the burn of that chili cherry...ouchie.

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