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Hi SMB readers,
Sorry for the lack of posts as i've been quite busy lately but i hope you have all had a wonderful 2011. Wishing you a HAPPY (super belated) 2012 too! 
Sanur's Balinese Restaurant was the last restaurant that i've visited in 2011. It was a rainy and cold night after work and all i wanted was a hearty meal. Sanur's it was, since a lot of places were already closed for the holidays. It is a nice looking restaurant boasting full length glass windows and humbly decorated with interesting Indonesian ornaments.  The staff is friendly, polite and very helpful in describing what each component was.
We decided to order a Sate Sanur's for starters which was a combination of beef, chicken and prawn satays and it was accompanied by rice cake, pickled cucumber, sambal and Sanur's satay sauce. The satays were nicely served on a small pretty griller but that was just for 'decorative purposes'. Taste-wise the satays were alright but i wish they were served hot instead of near-cold; the accompaniments were nice though, especially the satay sauce. 

 The rice cakes were quite interesting as they were made by compressing rice together...for a second i thought they were white raddish.

For the mains we decided to order the Rijst Tafel Sanur and Nasi Rames Daging (which i regrettably forgot to take photos of...duh me!). We ordered these two dishes because we wanted to try a few things without having to order lots and lots and not being able to finish them. Rijst Tafel Sanur had steamed yellow rice with fried chicken & perkedel served with peanut chili sauce, empal, battered tempe, sambal goreng prawn, sliced omelet & garlic crackers...this dish was huge, mainly because it was served with the entire chicken. The chicken was nicely seasoned but a bit dry for my liking. The highlights of this dish were the beef & potato croquette, sambal prawn and the yellow rice =P
The other main, Nasi Rames Daging, consisted of Indonesian style of mixed rice with gado gado, beef rendang, perkedel daging, crispy shallots & garlic crackers. Unfortunately i was too intrigued taking photos of the previous dish that i forgot to take photos of this dish...fail! The beef rendang was packed with flavour and the beef was deliciously soft and tender, the gado gado was nice and tasty too. 
We were really full after finishing our mains so we decided to only order a dessert to share: Homemade black sticky rice with coconut milk and jackfruit. I love black sticky rice and i thought that the pairing with jackfruit would be quite interesting. Not bad afterall!
Thanks Sanur's for satisfying my craving for a hearty meal!

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Hao said...

I also went there near the end of December last year - very nice foods

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Delicious! It reminds me of being on holidays in Bali :D

The InTolerant Chef said...

We went there and although the food was nice the satay sticks were freezing too. I figure they grill them earlier, and use the brazier for decoration and theoretically to reheat them.

Anonymous said...

Looks really good, will have to try it out soon!

philippine catering services said...

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