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I must confess that I didn't know the existence of Kindle Cafe & Catering (Shop 10, 240 City Walk, Civic, tel: (02) 6169 6169) until a friend, who utterly loves this place, told me about it. You can't really physically see Kindle Cafe when you are walking past and you wouldn't know about it unless you take a detour upon seeing the blackboard sign, if you see it. You should definitely check Kindle Cafe out if you haven't done so and you will certainly be surprised when you find it. It's not your typical looking cafe but a very petite cafe which has vibrant coloured walls and beautiful comfy Victorian-styled couches. The walls are adorned with posters, you have foliage drapping on top of the blackboard specials and a Victorian lamp near the kitchen opening. Everything fits in so well that makes the whole place just nice and welcoming. The staff is very friendly and attentive...ohn, and i like how they serve water with slices of cucumber in it, very refreshing indeed.

We ordered a latte and an ice chocolate to start with while we had a look at the lunch menu. The ice chocolate was okay and the latte was good. We proceeded with our orders and we got a Vegetarian Breakfast and a House Made Beef Burger.

The House Made Beef Burger had house-made beef patties with beetroot dip, tomato, spinach, cheese, caramelised onion, bacon, fried egg and topped with roasted garlic aioli. Enfin, it was a lot of ingredients to fit into a burger and as you might have imagined, it was huge! I couldn't even take a bite like i do with the Maccas' Filet-O-Fish and i was super full after finishing it. The beef patties were nice and juicy and the salsa that came with it was lovely too!

The Vegetarian Breakfast had feta & spicy tomato salsa with some oven roasted mushrooms seasoned with garlic, rosemary & thyme on wilted spinach and toasted Turkish bread and acompanied with homemade baked beans. This dish had lovely bright colours and a tasty combination of traditional flavours - tasty and succulent mushrooms were the highlight for me!
Beautiful place and lovely food! It's definitely the place to be if you want a quiet and cozy place to read, relax or even study over a cup of coffe. Will definitely be back to try other things on their menu!

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Girl About Town said...

Great recommendation! I went there for lunch today and loved it! Beautiful photos on your blog, too!

missklicious said...

Love a good breakfast spot, great photos!

Yuki said...

@Girl About town: Thanks and i'm glad you enjoyed it!
@missklicious: Thanks~

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Sounds like a great place to while away the hours on a weekend afternoon! :)

Anonymous said...

hopw to visit your place soon..


itsanaddiction said...

Very happy to have found your blog, as I'm in Canberra too! Your photos are fabulous, they are making me so hungry LOL. Check out my blog, I'm also in Canberra and also post reviews - more to come! :)
PS- I'm following, keep up the great work!

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