A weekend in Canberra?

Here is the article that I wrote for Tiger Airlines Magazine, Tiger Tales, for their July - August Issue. It gives you a rough idea of what to do, where to eat and visit if you are coming to the capital for the weekend! Of course, there are many more good places to eat...drop me an e-mail if you would like some more suggestions.

*Some photographs are not owned by SMB - Canberra Food Blog

5 snowdrop meringues:

baaron said...

Lovely write up, Yuki! It'll come in so handy since that's the very question I've been asking everybody for the past 4 months... what does one do on a fri/sat/sun (aside from renting a car up to sydney) ;)

Yuki said...

Thanks Baaron,
I'm glad it helped!

Miranda said...

Love it!

Sue said...

Cool. Did you do the layout as well?

Hao said...

nice one :)

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