Farmer's Daughter

I came across this newly added cafe in Yarralumla, Farmer's Daughter, when i read its review from a local magazine. 'Quite promising' - i thought, so i quickly looked through my schedule book to see when it was the next free weekend and scribbled 'Visit FM' down.
The day finally arrived and we went to Farmer's Daughter for brunch. It was a beautiful day but we ended up sitting inside because a table was just being vacated. The cafe is not big but it surely utilizes its space quite well with the kitchen and the coffee counter compacted at the back and the rest of the cafe, eating area of course. We sat down at a table bench, which was lovely adorned with some fresh white lilies, and were given a clipboard with the breakfast menu attached to it. It took us a while to choose but we ended up ordering the 'No Ordinary Soldiers', the 'Poached Eggs' and a lovely cup of Red African Hot Chocolate

 Cool and edgy bottle of water!
'No Ordinary Soldiers' was basically three pieces of artisan bread with the first one filled with smoked salmon and light Crème fraîche, the second one with parmesan and loads of rocket leaves and the last one with prosciutto and romesco. Both the salmon and the prosciutto 'soldiers' were packed with flavours but i didn't quite fancy the rocket leaves one. It was dry and it felt like i was eating a whole bunch of grass. It probably needed some sauce to lift it up...even a bit of olive oil with balsamic vinegar would have made a difference.

'Poached Eggs' came with smoked salmon and feta parsley salad on toasted sourdough. The eggs were beautifully poached and yes, the yolk oozed out when i poked it with a fork. The salmon was good and everything went well together...very filling dish. Nothing wow, but a good breakfast/brunch dish. 

For coffee enthusiasts, you will be pleased to know that Farmer's Daughter uses Campos blend and as far as i am aware, it is the only place in Canberra that offers it. Since coffee and i don't usually get along too well, i've ordered a Red African hot chocolate instead. I must say that the standards were not compromised, it tasted good and the layer of smooth and velvety foam was just beautiful.

Coming back? Most certainly. Would love to check out some other dishes from the breakfast menu (like the Farmer's Daughter Muesli and the Mushroom Hot Pot) as well as their lunch menu - hopefully i will be more impressed. Oh, did i mention that they are also one of the many cafes that sell Dream Cuisine macarons?

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2 snowdrop meringues:

Megan said...

I think I read the same article about this cafe. Will definitely have to check it out after reading this.

The InTolerant Chef said...

Those eggs do seem to juuuust right, I hate it when they're not poached properly,or have been cooked in silicon molds.

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