The Fish Shack

The Fish Shack (Petrie Place, off Bunda St. (02) 6248 5885) is a new fish and chips place located where the former Phat Duck was. The tiny place has simple 'marine' inspired decorations and most of its seatings are located outdoors. Although it was still winter last week, the sun was generously out and enjoying lunch al fresco became possible. We arrived just a bit before lunch time to make sure we got a table to enjoy our meals. The Fish Shack only serves fish of the day to ensure that their 'fish-meals' taste the freshest as possible. On this particular visit, the fish of the day was Blue eye cod. 
We ordered The Shack Basket, Grilled Blue Eye Cod with Lime and Mild Chilli and Crumbled Blue Eye Cod with Lemon, Pepper and Parsley. It didn't take long for the orders to arrive and the food came in generous portions. The fish and chips and the seafood basket all came in unpretentious paper containers accompanied with tartare sauce, just like the ones you can get from the coast. 
The Shack Basket contained soft shell crab, salt and pepper squid, fish, tempura prawns and Thai fish cakes served on a bed of fries. As i said before, the portion was quite generous and i was surprised that it contained more than just one or two pieces of each component. They tasted alright and my favorite one was the soft shell crab (I love them!)
Crumbled Blue Eye Cod with Lemon, Pepper and Parsley also comes on a bed of fries (by default) but since we wanted to try the sweet potato wedges, we paid a bit more to get them instead of the fries. And let me tell you that it was worth it, the wedges were big and delicious! On the other hand, the crumbled blue eye cod tasted normal - perhaps a bit dry for my taste.
Lastly, the Grilled Blue Eye Cod with Lime and Mild Chilli was quite nice. I reckon that this grilled version tasted better than the crumbled version mainly because it was more tender and juicier. The lime and mild chilli flavours were not prominent but still went quite well with the fish.
Overall, lunch at The Fish Shack was quite pleasant. The food was alright and the staff was quite friendly. The atmosphere was quite relaxing that even at some point, the occasional breeze made me feel like i was really at the coast having my fish and chips. The highlights for me were the soft shell crab, sweet potato wedges and the grilled blue eye cod. Since i am not a big fan of fried food, i might opt for a grilled/steamed fish with sweet potato wedges or the soft shell crab burger next time!

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4 snowdrop meringues:

Nancy said...

sweet potato... nom nom nom.... :D
nice photos!!

The InTolerant Chef said...

Blue eyed cod is one of my favourites, what a shame it was dry. It's nice to have a generous serving instead of wish for more!

Jane said...

The sweet potato wedges were nice and I wouldn't mind paying extra to get that instead of having the chips. I think I actually liked the grilled fish the most. The soft shell crab was nice but I would have prefer it with a crispier batter. Nonetheless, it was good meal! (:

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

The grilled version looks much more moist that the crumbed one which looks quite dry!

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