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Although i am not a coffee drinker myself, I love going coffee houses. I love everything about them: the environment, the people, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, the laboratory-like tools used in certain coffee and the smell of freshly prepared food.
At the moment i stepped into Ona Coffee House (68 Wollongong Street, Fsywick (02) 6162 3320), i loved it. The place's decor is simple but it has a few stand-outs such as the lovely clock with Roman numbers, the barista-to-be room, the display of fresh artisan bread by Brasserie Bread and the various awards that Ona has won (including one for latte art). If you are a coffee aficionado, you should try their siphon, pour over filter or cold drip from 'The Brewery' selection.

We happily sat down by the window and it didn't take long for the friendly waitress to serve us. We wanted to order the specials of the day but since they'd ran out, we picked our dishes from the normal menu. We got the Roasters Breakfast, the Oriental Duck Burger (served with fries) and a Mocha. The portions are generous and filling. The Roasters Breakfast consisted of mushrooms, asparagus and eggs folded with dill & fetta on sourdough bread. I loved the huge and succulent mushrooms as well as the sourdough bread, but didn't fancy the slightly undercooked asparagus and the overcooked eggs - I was expecting them to be soft and fluffy so that they would go well with the slightly-melted fetta.
The Oriental Duck Burger was a twice-cooked shredded hoi sin duck in a fresh Turkish bread with mushrooms and Asian vegetables. I was slightly disappointed with this dish because it wasn't the type of duck burger i was expecting. The shredded duck contained too much sauce which made the burger soggy and the duck itself didn't taste all that fresh. On the other hand, the complimentary fries were deliciously light and crispy.
My Mocha had a nice aroma and was surprisingly velvety *thumbs up.
My time at Ona Coffee House was quite nice and pleasant, apart from a few food mishaps. I enjoyed my lovely cup of mocha and it was very satisfying to have my brunch while witnessing the beautiful aromas of coffees and freshly baked breads coming together. Lovely place, I'd say!

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I would love to visit this coffee shop. (:

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