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Phatduck (Petrie Plaza, Bunda Street, Civic) is a little octagon-shaped building that you probably would not notice as you walk around Civic. This little takeaway place is a little sister to Chairman & Yip Restaurant and Lanterne Rooms. Originally, Phat Duck only intended to provide healthy and nutritious takeaways (at affordable price) for lunch, but it has now opened up its doors for people who would like to sit down and eat at the restaurant. The sit down area is not very big, so you will probably have to get there early or wait until someone finishes their lunch!
The menu is humble and small but it concentrates on dishes that it does best and...the best thing of all? None of the items on the menu is over $10 (with the exception of the Red Curry Duck which is $10.50). Phatduck specializes in dishes with an Asian influence, so don't be suprised to find burgers with an Asian twist or curries in their menu. One of the things that got me interested in trying out Phatduck was that they offered duck (how i love duck!) and Wagyu Beef! I had a chat with the friendly staff at Phatduck and i was pleased to learn that their Wagyu Beef have a marble score of 7+ and that they use free range duck!
I wanted to try their duck dishes so badly but by the time we got there, they had sold out of duck (though it's the most cooked meat in the little premises). Therefore, we'd settled for the Wagyu Beef Burger and the Wagyu Beef Curry. I could taste the fattiness (in a good way!) of the wagyu beef in the burger and it was nicely tender and juicy. I couldn't taste as much fat from the wagyu beef in the curry  but the curry was certainly very hearty and a perfect dish for the coming winter! It also complemented well with the coconut rice.
Wagyu Beef Burger $8.50 ( i just realized that i didn't do a good job in photographing the Wagyu beef in the burger!
Wagyu Beef Curry, $9.50
The meal was lovely and for the price we've paid, it's totally worth it! The staff was efficient and friendly; definately going back sometime soon to try out their duck dishes (be there early to avoid disappoinment!).
On last thing, i almost forgot to mention that their takeaway bowl is so adorable and cute - a mother duck with a couple of little ducklings! I didn't get a takeaway but the guy staff was so friendly to let me take a photo of the takeaway bowl, so here it is:
Adorable huh?

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LaLa said...

Thanks for posting this Mavis. I noticed Phat Duck a few months ago & meant to try it. I didn't realise it was affiliated with C&Y!

Look delicious.

xphia said...

That looks fantastic!! When are you free for lunch? I'm out in the city these days.

jane said...

i wanna try the red duck curry!!!

xphia said...

Let's all go and have lunch there!!!

Unknown said...

want to try red duck curry too!

missklicious said...

Nice! Looks like a great place for a quick lunch. Love the cute little duck bowl too!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Looks like a great find Yuki! :D And I have to agree with you there-the takeaway cups are adorable! :D

Yuki said...

@Lala: please try the duck dishes for me if you happen to be there before my second visit.

@xphia: sure! seems like jane and Nancy are keen too! i know Liz is in too!!!

@Jane & Nancy: ME TOO!!! i also wanna try the duck salad =)

@missklicious: u should give it a try when u are back to Canby! it opens on Sat but not on Sunday!

@Lorraine: i hope Canberra gets more little restaurants like Phatduck!

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