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Sorry guys for the lack of posts! I was busy finishing an article about Canberra for Tiger Airways! >.<"
Anyways, i am back!
I haven't been to Asian Noodle House (4/19-29 Woolley Street, Dickson (02) 6262 5903) for a long long time and as far as i remember, my last meal there wasn't that great. Past aside, i decided to give it another go after hearing a few good comments about it and seeing its high rating on Urbanspoon. 'Maybe they have really improved afterall' - i thought to myself. 
The restaurant hasn't changed much, the same dark square tables and plain walls with minimal decor. We went there for lunch and ordered a Duck Laksa and a Hainan Chicken Rice. I must say that the laksa was not bad. The soup was very tasty but i just wasn't really happy with the random artificial-looking chunks of duck inside of the soup. At least at Streets of Asia, you get a nice chopped up roast duck drumstick.
Then there was the Hainan Chicken Rice. At first sight i went 'Wow, the portion is quite generous". Second glance i thought to myself "O-kay, it looks dry". The disappointing thing with this Hainan Chicken was that it had no skin nor bones, it felt dry and they just looked like pieces of chicken that are put in noodle soups. I was quite disappointed with the dish and it was quite painful to finish the whole plate of dry chicken pieces, although the sauce did help in a way.
Overall, lunch was not all that satisfying. The laksa was okay but not the Hainan Chicken Rice. I gave it a second chance and sorry to say this, but i won't be coming back anytime soon.

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The InTolerant Chef ™ said...

It really doen't look that great does it? I'm glad you gave them a second chance, sometimes you can just have an off day, but if the second time was no good then there's no point wasting your time, money, or appetite!

Cath said...

The Hainanese Chicken does look dry. From what I've researched on the traditional Hainanese Chicken dish, it should be cooked and served with bones and skin attached - and also served on top of rice.

I haven't been to Dickson Asian Noodle House in a few years. If I do go, I might just be ordering a simple Laksa to begin with.

Anna Johnston said...

Im a massive fan of the Noodle House, the service is great, and it is always so quick. We were there the other night. Sorry to hear you didn't have a good second time experience. I am sure they would be sad to hear that. But, no point dining in a place your not keen on. Thanks for sharing lovely Yuki. :)

Fiona said...

I usually go to civic and share a laksa with my partner

susan said...

I love the asian noodle house, I usually get a combination laksa though and it's excellent. I have had their hainan chicken before and I was unimpressed with it as well.

Yuki said...

@the Intolerant Chef: yeah, but who knows one day i will end up liking it ;)
@ Cath: yeah! i want hainan chicken with bones and skin ^^
@ Anna: =)
@ Fiona: is the civic one better?
@susan: i agree that the laksa is better ^^

Jem Jems Food Blog said...

I've always wanted to try their Hainan Chicken but now that I know its without skin I wont be ordering it. Whats the point! It's needs the skin. Thanks for the heads up. Your blog is great Yuki:)

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