Debacle for breakfast

It was a nice and sunny day when we headed to Debacle (30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon (02) 6247 1314) for an early breakfast. Its decor is simple and rustic which makes the place quite cosy and laid back; the atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming which makes you want to come back. I guess it is also a very popular place amongst families with kids as i've never seen so many kids/toddlers in a cafe. They, too, seemed to be enjoying the food as much as the adults did.
On this particular occasion, we decided to order a Debacle Recovery Breakfast (Fried eggs on toasted sour dough, grilled tomato, baked beans, bacon, potato rosti, sausage, sauteed mushroom and a choice of coffee & tea) and Housemade Crepes with Braised Strawberry & Double Cream.
Debacle Recovery Breakfast was quite filling and the mushrooms in it were very juicy and delicious! I also liked the potato rosti which was quite different from what i expected; it looked more like an arancini and it went well with the saltiness from the bacon.

It's always nice to finish the breakfast on the sweet side and the crepes did not disappoint. The crepes were light and fluffy but not too sweet, which complemented well with the braised strawberries. The double cream, on the other hand, was a bit too heavy for my liking so i decided to not have it with the crepes.
The breakfast at Debacle's was good and satisfying and the crepes were my favourite. Their Smoked Salmon Rosti seemed to be a very popular dish and i might give that a try next time.

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Fiona said...

Oh Didn't even know they were open for breakfast, I'm usually there for pizza!

susan said...

I didn't realise they did breakfast either!

Yuki said...

@Fiona: u should! =)
@susan: hehehee...yeah, they do. i sohuld try their pizzas too =)

Yuki said...

@Fiona: u should! =)
@susan: hehehee...yeah, they do. i sohuld try their pizzas too =)

Anna Johnston said...

Did you have to book for breakfast? Love the recovery breakfast, and the crepes look the business. Yum! I'll have to check them out, like the others, I didn't realize they did breakie.

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