Handmade Market Canberra

I was so happy when i made it to the Handmade Market Canberra last Saturday, even though i could only spend half an hour there. Handmade Market takes place every three months and the next one is set to be on the 4th December. You can still check out some of the designers at Shop Handmade Canberra (City Walk Blvd Canberra City) if you missed out on the market and can't wait until December.
The weather was so perfect on Saturday and i do regret for not being able to stay longer. There were so many stalls with lovely handmade jewelry, crafts, clothing, dolls and the most important of all...FOOD! With only half an hour in my hand, i managed to visit Real Chai, Dream Cuisine, Batemans Bay Nut Roasting Company and Sweet Petite. I think that is quite an achievement!
At first, i was trying to spot the area where most food stalls would be and once i got there i was instantly attacted by the beautiful cupcake tower from Sweet Petite.
All the cupcakes were beautifully decorated and totally fit the theme "Sexy and Luscious". I got a Sexy Red Velvet cupcake and a Sultry Black Forest cupcake. Loved the Sultry Black Forest Cupcake for its moist chocolate base, lovely chewy cherry goodness in the centre and the pretty and not overly sweet frosting *wants more now...
The Sexy Red Velvet cupcake wasn't as moist and the icing was a bit sweet for my liking, but it still looked gorgeous.
After this, i was looking forward to try Dream Cuisine's macarons. On my way to find it, i managed to taste a small cup of the RealChai Original (with milk and honey) and some freshly roasted Honey Macademias from Batemans Bay Nut Roasting Company. The Chai was good and macademias were lovely. I definitely have to try the RealChai Chocolate and other roasted nuts next time!
My final stop was Dream Cuisine - a simple stall with lovely macarons, tarts, florentines and brownies. I tried a bit of the Raspberry macaron, the Passionfruit macaron and small slice of brownie (nice!) there and bought another four macarons to take home. I got Cherry, Salted Caramel, Honey & Lavender and Pistachio & Lime macarons. I liked all the macarons but my favorite ones were the Cherry and the Pistachio & Lime.
I liked the Cherry macaron as it had a bit of cherry in the middle and filled with a delicious milk chocolate ganache; liked the Pistachio & Lime for its refreshing and light taste. Honey & Lavender was quite unique but it took me a second bite to like it and lastly, loved the saltiness that accentuated the caramel in the Salted Caramel macaron.
Ever since my visit to the market, i've been having cravings for cherries...what is your latest crave?

6 snowdrop meringues:

Hao said...

macarons + cheesecake cravings mmmmm!

Miranda said...

I like these cupcakes! Maybe you could use these photos instead of the ones before..don't know how that would look but doesn't hurt to try.

Jess said...

I love the Batemans Bay nut roasting company they do the best garlic macadamia nuts.

The InTolerant Chef said...

I have weirdly been craving cherries too! I bought some caramalised cherry balsamic at Floriade last weekend and will include it in a dish soon, I just need to find one worthy of it!

Yuki said...

@Hao: u are always craving for cheesecakes and cakes..hehehe
@Mi: Obrigada pela sugestao ^^ tem cupcakes bonitos aih? eu quero te visitar =)
@Jess: Gotta try that one next time
@The InTolerant Chef: cherries are soo good!! i'll look out for yummy things at floriade =) i wan black cherries!!!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a lovely find! And I also like the macarons that have a little surprise in them! :)

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