Tien Vietnamese Restaurant

Ten days with no update...oops! Was a bit busy for the past few days...but what matters now is that i'm blogging again.
I went to a newly opened Vietnamese Restaurant last week called Tien Vietnamese Restaurant (27 Woolley St, Dickson) and because it was a totally unexpected visit, i didn't have my beloved camera...only an in-built camera in my Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
At a first glance, the restaurant has a modern design with very simple and clean tables and chairs (a la IKEA Style, it seems). The staff was polite and friendly with a rather fast service. This place is a bit more expensive in comparison to other Vietnamese restaurants in Canberra, but the serving size is definately very generous. To be honest, i couldn't even finish my dish. 
I ordered a Special Broken Rice and MP ordered a Prawn Laksa. I would say that there is definately room for improvement for both dishes; with the Broken Rice, there is a lack of authenticity in the taste for most of the components but in terms of presentation, the colours mix and match well creating a very colourful and beautiful dish.

The ceiling
Prawn Laksa
Special Broken Rice

5 snowdrop meringues:

snooway said...

I didn't like this place at all, we went after church cleaning and the service was very bad, very slow. Your photos make the food look good though

Yuki said...

oo...the service was quite good on the day i went. and the serving size was really big...i reckon.

xphia said...

The taste was horrible when we went..

LaLa said...

I feel like Summer has gone, but yeah, at least we have soup to look forward to!!

LaLa said...

oops. commented on the wrong post!!

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