My photo was featured in refrigeratorsoup.com

Just excited when i saw my photo featured in Refrigerator Soup! They featured the photo from my 'Sydney Trip - Day 2' post - the 'Old Time Chocolate Mousse'. This website basically publishes the top 40 food photos submitted for the day! Twenty photos are featured in the morning and the other half is featured at night!

I think it's a bit small...but i've circled my blog =)

This is the photo that was featured at refrigeratorsoup.com

6 snowdrop meringues:

xphia said...

Hey GOod Job!!!

Jane said...

yayyyyy *jumps and dances around* so proud of you! haha

Nancy said...

good work sis!!! =)
take more and more pics!
wat pic are u planning to submit for the canon competition~~~?
show, show...

Yuki said...

Kev: Thanks
ah mui: aiyoo....not good enough lah..still learning a LOT!
Nancy: weather has been kinda bad to take pics...=_= ..not satisfied with any of them so far..

snooway said...

Good job, very cool. Congrats.

miranda said...

wow that's coool.! way to go

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