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A colourful, clean, vibrant and modern cafe located in the heart of Civic (29 Garema Place, Bunda St.). The place has a cool interior where there is a choice of eating in the elevated area of the cafe, and i just like the fact that it has small cake display with a variety of cakes and sweets in it! It's definately a nice place to catch up with friends and on both recent occasions that I've been there, we enjoyed a cup of coffee and shared a slice of cake ($7.90). On the first occasion, i had a Hazelnut Meringue which was really light and airy...very appropriate after a filling dinner. On the second time, i had the Milk Chocolate Rocher - it has some flaked almonds on the outer side of the cake and a thin chocolate ganache on top. It wasn't too rich (which i dreaded) but it was quite soft and nice!

Milk & Honey Menu

Hazelnut Meringue

Milk Chocolate Rocher

Coming back sometime to try the other cakes...i have my eyes on Hazelnut Delight =9

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