Yummy Pancakes!

Felt like having something different for brekkie today, and as i looked into my pantry I saw some eggs, flour, baking powder and caster sugar...then i thought 'Why don't I make some pancakes?' To make sure I could make some pancakes, I opened the fridge to check if i had unsalted butter and milk. Fortunately, i had some unsalted butter but NO MILK...only soy milk -which turned out ok as well!

After making the pancakes, i topped it up with some butter and honey (sad...no marple syrup)...oh, and a strawberry to make it 'photogenic'.

Here is how it turned out! *not fluffy enough though

Yesterday for dinner, i decided to use the rest of the firm tofu that i had in the fridge. I decided to attempt making the crispy tofu (the ones with a 'crispy skin') that my granny always makes when i go to her place. I didn't use flour this time 'coz i totally failed last time, instead i used cornstarch. All i did was to coat the tofu in cornstarch and pan-fry all the sides and Voila! They tasted quite ok, the skin was lightly crispy and chewy (with glutinous rice ball texture). For health reasons, i didn't fry until all sides turned GOLDEN BROWN...just lightly brown - i realized that i was using way too much olive oil >.<"

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