Cool Drink - Preshafruit

As I was walking pass the cold drinks section in Woolies I couldn't NOT notice a cool drink that they were selling. First of all, it had an eye-catching 2 for $5 sign and secondly, the bottles were so pretty and modern that made me take a closer look!

The bottles are quite different in a sense that they were triagular shaped and they looked modern! They had 3 different flavours: Royal Gala Apple, Pink Lady Apple and Apple & Strawberry - by the way the drink is called PRESHAFRUIT!
I have no idea how long this drink has been out in the market, but it's my first time seeing it. Check the picture below:

I don't think that you can really see the triangular shape of the bottle from this picture, but just try ok?

4 snowdrop meringues:

jane the snow said...

i saw this drink in supabarn today! but i didnt buy it haha :P

Yuki said...

Don't get the strawberry + apple one...smells weird!!! haven't had the royal gala one...maybe u can tell me what it tastes like!

Nancy said...

is it like jelly???

Yuki said...

no...it's a juice! hehehhe

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