Busy few days~

Sorry for the lack of updates my faithful followers (though not many =_=)!
I've been a bit busy with work there few days mainly with making the farewell gift and making the farewell dish. A very dear friend (GLORIA!) is leaving on Monday for ~2years, so we decided to throw her a farewell party with the theme: High Tea! Basically, the girls were supposed to wear a nice dress and the boys, a nice semi-formal attire (a lot of guys were wearing suits!). I brought some Green Tea Cupcakes for the High Tea (as requested by Gloria - i hope you liked them!) and there were other nice dishes like grilled chicken wings, chocolate balls, sandwiches, curry puffs, bread and carrots with dips, fried haloumi cheese, sushi, heaps of fruits and obviously some amazing TEA! I loved the Strawberry & Cream Tea!
Here are the pics of my GREEN TEA CUPCAKES!

On Thursday, we (Nancy, Livy & I) also made a Calico bag for Gloria as one of the gifts, check them out (i reckon they are adorable):
Gloria, we hope you like it =) *All the best in Europe, God bless*
Well...it's been quite hectic these few days, but i guess it was well-worth it! We all had fun!

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sue said...


Yuki said...

i should get better lenses!!! haizzz

xphia said...

The bag is so cuteeeee!!! Good work Mavis!!! =D

Yuki said...

Kev: did u see urself and Wendy? ppl said you (in the bag) really looks like the real you :D i guess it's the hairstyle lo~ poor fingers..but it was worth it :D

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