One of my aims in life...

If i remember correctly, at the age of 13 i made a list of things that i wanted to achieve in life. I can't remember all the things in that list but i am sure that one of them was publishing my own book. As years went by, that dream never became reality. Despite of that, I still haven't given up the idea of having my own book (doesn't matter if i don't get to publish it) even if that means compiling and sewing the pages one by one all by myself.

I was so excited when i saw the blog post about the Nuffnang August Blogger Challenge in Nuffnang’s blog. The challenge was to answer this simple question “If the old saying is true, and everyone has one book in them, what would YOUR book be?” I was immediately very excited and i had all these sorts of ideas coming into my mind – personal photography book, cooking book, arts & crafts book, etc...but for some reason i couldn’t really focus on a particular category.

I wanted a book that i could relate to and that would be some sort of inspiration to those who read it. Thus, I tried focusing on questions like “what are the things that i enjoy doing?” “what are the things that i like?” “what are the things that make my day?” It was then that i realised that my life is always filled with so many little things that i do, that i see, that i hear, that i come across on a daily basis which all served as inspiration to what i do and what i am. Little things that inspired me but that i never had the chance to write them down, little things like a word, a quote or even a picture that made my day. These are the little things that sometimes kept me going and inspired me to pursue what i like. Thus, i decided that my book would focus on these little things, hoping that they would bring the same joy and some inspiration to those who read it.

My book would be titled “My Misc. – sometimes life is about the little things that make your day and would contain some of my photography (of pretty and inspirational things that i encounter), photos of food that i enjoy eating, things that i like baking/cooking and some little craft ideas that i enjoy doing. There won’t be a particular order in which i want the contents of my book to be but my aim is that every time someone opens the book, there will be something in that page that would touch or inspire them.

I hope MY BOOK is creative enough to win one of the three chances to turn my book into reality through Blurb. Thanks for the opportunity, Nuffnang and Blurb! All the best to everyone who is participating in this competition too!

Here are a few sample pages, hope you will enjoy them and feel free to let me know what you think! Thanks.

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Hao said...

looking great. good luck with that!

with "little things that make your day", perhaps a photo of Jane?
muahahaha :D

Indie.Tea said...

How beautiful and creative. It would be really, really lovely to see your book in print. Good luck :)

Olivia said...

Mavis - can we pre-order your book? hehe, I'd be first in line for one and also for your signature !
Add oil girl!

Jane said...

wow hao! im liking your suggestion already muahahahaha :P

Jess said...

Yuki I think that's gorgeous

InTolerant Chef said...

What a lovely idea! I agree, life is made up of moments and images. Share the love!

Nancy said...

It's beautiful Mavis :)
very creative and i'm sure people will find inspiration when they flip through the pages. :)

that no-bake oreo cheese cake... :D

Yuki said...

@Hao: Thanks~ ur suggestion sounds cool too
@Indie.Tea: Thank you
@Olivia: wow...already a customer? hehehe..thanks for ur encouragement
@Jane: hehehee...
@Jess: Thank you
@inTolerant Chef: share the love! nice sentence =)
@Nancy: Thank u~

Miranda said...

hey. this is pretty cool.
do you have other photos of cupcakes? i feel this cupcake isn't attractive enough. or maybe it's just me.

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