HK: OWL Our Wonderland

I immediately loved OWL Our Wonderland (5/F, Tern Plaza, 5 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui)from the very moment that i stepped out of the elevator - although i did struggle a bit to choose between this place and another Japanese restaurant (Japanese restaurants are my weakness, i have to confess). What i liked about Our Wonderland was its unique and fun decor - white walls with random drawings and graffitis here and there. They are so fun to look at that i think my head couldn't keep still during the whole meal.
Starters and some of the drawings
We decided to go for the Dinner Set for Two because it was pretty good value for money (HK$288 - AU$41.15)  and it had a few dishes that we wanted to try.
As starters, we got some Homemade Foccacia (accompanied with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil) and a bowl of Cream Chowder each. The foccacia didn't taste fresh and the chowder didn't have much taste. Next up was the entree which was Smoked Duck Breast Salad, it was alright but there was quite a bit of fat in the duck that i couldn't help but trim off some of it.
The service felt a bit rushed because we got our Seafood Homemade Ink Noodles in Tomato Sauce before we even finished our entree. The pasta dish was average since the noodles were a bit overcooked and the dish as a whole tasted a bit dry. The Mango and Crab Meat pizza, on the other hand, was something quite unique and different (especially when the other 2 choices were Hawaiian and Margarita Pizza), so i decided to give it a go. The pizza came out pipping hot and that melted cheese was so inviting. The thin crust was good and though the combination was rather unusual and 'very-Asian', i still liked it a lot! *maybe because i am Asian?
Seafood Homemade Ink Noodles in Tomato Sauce
Mango & Crab Meat Pizza
OWL Our Wonderland is definitely a place for people who would like to have a relaxed dinner surrounded by some cool graffiti and soothing background music. The food is alright but its decor is definitely something that would make me want to go there again.

5 snowdrop meringues:

joan said...

:O i feel like eating the pizza. how did it tastes? sweet? sour?

Yuki said...

Hi Joan,
It was sweet and savoury, a bit like a japanese pizza (dunno how to explain this properly).
Thanks for the blog's bday wishes =)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

It does sound like the decor is the highlight. The pizza looks quite good though! Oh and Happy Blogsoversary Yuki! May there be many more to come! :D

The InTolerant Chef said...

If the duck was cooked right the fat would be rendered out, I notice there is a great big wodge of it..not nice!

Yuki said...

@Lorraine: Thank you!
@The InTolerant Chef: yeah...agreed!

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