Tosolini's - a small afternoon snack...

Went to Tosolini's for a quick catch-up with a friend and at the same time, an 'excuse' to have afternoon tea. We ordered a cappuccino and an Antipasto Misto ($24.50) to share - which consisted of cured meats, dips, marinated vegetables, seafood and bread.
The Antipasto was quite generous containing a variety of different things in it. It had a carrot dip, beetroot dip, smoked salmon, proscuitto, char-grilled chorizo, salt & pepper squid, octopus, marinated slices of eggplants, zucchinis and capsicum. Of course, it was accompanied by some bread. I quite enjoyed the marinated vegetables and also having the proscuitto with some bread and dip. Unfortunately the octopus wasn't fully cooked, so we had to exchange them for some more squid instead. The platter was quite filling and i didn't have to eat much for dinner!
Lastly, a photo of the Cappuccino...i quite like their 'Tosolini's' cup! It's cute~

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Everything (apart from the octopus) looks really good! I really love grazing and tasting platters as I love trying a bit of everything :)

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