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Brodburger (Bowen Park, Kingston) is the real burger! It's probably one of the best ones i've tried in Canberra and they are not only delicious but humongous too. I even had trouble finishing off my Brodburger let alone be a Brodburger Deluxe *faints! Brodburger uses fresh ingredients in their burgers and A-grade gourmet beef patties (flame-grilled) which are very tender and juicy. You also get to choose the type of cheese to go into your burger: Brie, Swiss or Blue Cheese.
Brodburger's menu

Brodburger is not a cafe but a food caravan, to be exact, a bright red food caravan that is located in Bowen Park. You will definately not miss it firstly because it's RED and secondly, you will most definately be able to spot a small crowd of hungry people waiting for the food caravan to open.
We arrived at 5.15pm (they only open at 5.30pm) and there were around ten people already queuing up. By 5.30pm, the numbers increased to fourty. By the time we left (6.15pm), there were still people ordering food. This little red caravan has definately captivated the hearts of many Canberrans!
The little famous red caravan in Bowen Park

We ordered a Brodburger (A grade gourmet beef patty - flame grilled, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, Spanish onions in a bun including homemade aioli and tomato relish), Brodburger Deluxe (2 x A grade gourmet beef patties -flame grilled, eggs, lots of crispy bacon. Topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and Spanish onions including homemade aioli and tomato relish) and some Brodchips - these were lovely! As i said before, they were huge and i have to emphasize that the Brodburger Deluxe is not suitable for everyone. On my next visit, i will surely stick to a Brodbaby ($6.50)!

Brodburger with Blue Cheese ($9.00) & Brodchips ($3.50)

Brodburger Deluxe with Brie Cheese ($14.00)

Brodburger definately offers one of the best burgers in Canberra and it's good value for money too. There is always something for everyone ranging from Brodbaby for the youngsters to the Brodburger Deluxe for the super hungry blokes! They also have BrodChicken,  BrodFin (fish) or BrodVeggie if you don't fancy beef.

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Amy @ cookbookmaniac.com said...

This burger place won me over with its lovely red caravan. Its so adorable! THe burger with blue cheese looks so delicious!

R said...

makes me hungry!!!!

tattz said...

there an article by sydney morning herald abt this lil joint.... this place might be in trouble :O

"Brodbeck has until June 1 to conform to the guidelines. After that, the NCA has said it may seek a court order to have the van removed. Brodbeck, who has no intention of complying, is not sure what will happen. He tries not to worry, ''because if I'm upset or if I'm sad, my food isn't as great''." smh quote!

Yuki said...

@ Amy: you should try it sometime =)
@R: well, if you are in Canberra...why not? they open until midnight!
@tattz: i know!!! i already signed the petition too =)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love it! I'm so going there on my next trip to Canberra! :D For some reason I'm drawn to food in a caravan!

Yuki said...

@Lorraine: u should!!! hope u will enjoy ur trip to Canberra =)
i suggest u to visit it soon!

Anonymous said...

I love this place! it's so sad that Luke is moving away from the area... :( the brie is the best :D
I can't believe you tried the deluxe...good work going for it though... :D

missklicious said...

Ahh, the famous Brodburger, and it's equally famous lengthy waits =P

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