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Dear SMB blog readers, 

I've disappeared for a while (close to 4 months! Yikees!!!) but I hope you will all forgive me. I've been occupied with a lot things lately (including the trip to Hong Kong) that I barely have time to blog! You guys can have a look at one of the few things that I've been doing lately...check out my 'other-than-food' photography in the link below =)

For this post, I have decided to blog something quick and simple. 
I know I have blogged about Nyonya before but this post is slightly different. Nyonya has recently undergone a change of ownership and now they have added breakfast items as well as pies to their menu. Their pies are all made on the premises and look out for Malaysian flavoured pies such as Beef Rendang, Curry Beef and Curry Chicken as they tend to run out quite quickly. The pies are of decent size and $5 each (including $0.20 for sauce); here are the pies that i dug into on my latest visit:

- Beef Burgundy: delicious pie with chunky and tender pieces of beef. My favorite pick out of the two!

- Curry Chicken: I must have a very low tolerance for spicy foods because I found this quite spicy myself (i literally had to drink some water after every bite). Apart from that, the curry was nice and the pie pastry was quite good too.

The pies were quite satisfying and I will certainly come back to try other flavours. It's a perfect lunch option for those who are in a hurry! 

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2 snowdrop meringues:

Alan said...

Welcome back, nice to see you again :)

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!

Who is the new owner?

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