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Looking for some Japanese comfort food? 
Canberra will be pleased to know about a Japanese restaurant that has been recently added to the Canberra House, Kudos Taste (around the same time as Two Before Ten Cafe, which is located in the same complex). The little restaurant is actually a kiosk located in the centre of the complex and a nice and inexpensive place to go for lunch. 
 I like the little owls imprinted on the blue banner!

 Kudos Taste is owned by a friendly Japanese couple and it mainly especialises on traditional Japanese home cooked dishes such as Japanese Curries, Udon, Soba, Donburi (rice bowl dish) and they even have a Japanese breakfast menu (until 11am), containing things like natto (fermented soybeans). Don't expect anything like fancy sushi rolls and sashimi, although they do sell some pre-made sushi rolls (only a few flavours). On this visit, we ordered a Potato Croquette Japanese Curry and an Oyako Don (Chicken and Free Range Egg on a bowl of rice). The potato croquette was crispy and nice but sadly there was only one (cut in half) of it. The curry was good and it tasted just like those that you would get if you were invited into a Japanese home for a meal - healthy and hearty. 
Oyako Don was delicious and i absolutely loved the pieces of fried chicken - they were tender, juicy and lovely encased with a crispy shell. All elements came together quite nice except that there was a bit too much soy sauce in my dish. It got quite salty towards the end and i wasn't able to finish my rice. Apart from that, lovely!
Kudos Taste is the place to go if you are looking for some hearty Japanese home-cooked style dishes. Most dishes fall between the AUD 8 - 12 range and they should surely fill you up. Udon and Soba dishes are my next orders for when i come back!

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Moo said...

I love this place - I use to go regularly when I worked closer to that building. The gentleman who owns the place is so friendly and lovely!

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