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Sorry for the lack of updates but now that i am back in the capital, there will be more blog posts. I've been away for close to 5 weeks in the land of awesome shopping and eating, Hong Kong (especially now that Australian dollar is so strong!)! It's good to be back and enjoy the not-so-hectic pace that Canberra has to offer but not so keen on the freezing weather though =P
Anyways, here is my first Hong Kong blog post for 2011.
We found Ovenhouse Deluxe purely by accident as we were walking around Tsim Sha Tsui. It mainly does cakes, breads and cookies for take-away because it doesn't have many seats in it (8 seats max., i think). It also has quite a vast collection of wines from what i saw. Ovenhouse has a simple and classy decor which gives it a bit of a high-end feel. The cakes are placed neatly behind the cake counters and the cookies are nicely packed in bags. There is a small section at the end of the counter where you can sample their cookies. On this visit, we tried the two cakes that looked the most appealing to us: Lady Peach and Charcoal.
Lady Peach is a sponge cake filled with white peach mousse and white peach champagne coulis in between. The name definitely suits the cake's pretty appearance and it was the 'looks' that sold it for me. Taste-wise it was a bit weak on the peach flavour and the mousse felt a bit 'hard' (probably had a bit too much gelatine).

 The other choice was Charcoal which consisted of green tea sponge cake layer with green tea panna cotta & rich black sesame mousse, finished with a chocolate leaf. The taste of sesame was a bit more prominent than the green tea; the sesame mousse was soft and nice and it contrasted well with the crunchy sesame layer. Charcoal was my favorite out of the two cakes. 
Both cakes were HKD38 each (~AUD 4.5)  which is on the pricier side for Hong Kong standards. And yes, Hong Kong is filled with so many cake places that it's not even funny. I wish i had a super elastic stomach to fit all those sweet goodies in!
Overall i had a nice time at Ovenhouse Deluxe and i wouldn't mind coming back to try more cakes and perhaps buy some cookies for gifts - these are packed nicely but taste-wise, they are ordinary. 

Ovenhouse Deluxe
Shop 36, G/F, K11 Art Mall,
18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2736 8816

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Miranda said...

This looks amazing. Imma go there when I go back!

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