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Went to Mecca Bah for a friend's farewell and the first thing i've noticed about Mecca Bah (25-29 Manuka Terrace, Flinders Way (02) 6260 6700) was its beautiful and rustic decor. Mecca Bah has a very relaxed atmosphere and it is divided into two sections: the restaurant and the bar. The restaurant itself was very inviting and the patterned-lamps were my favorite things. The staff was polite but not very attentive as i had to keep asking them to refill the water for our tables. Our order took a while to come but it could be because we had 20+ people.
The lamps had the same pattern design as the menu
I ordered a Middle Eastern Spiced Swordfish with Spicy Couscous and loved the fish. The fish was lightly marinated and grilled beautifully - moist and juicy. The couscous was gently tossed with some pistachio which added a nice touch to the overall dish. 
Lamb Meatballs with Egg & Spicy Tomato Sauce Tangine was the most oredered dish at our table. I don't usually fancy lamb but the meatballs were really tasty (and not as 'lamby') and went well with the couscous. It's a very delicious and hearty dish but seemed like it wasn't enough for the guys.
Overall the food was good and i enjoyed dining at such a lovely and cozy restaurant. Will certainly be back to try their mezze menu as well as their Turkish pizzas.

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susan said...

I have only been there once before for a work function and thought the food was pretty tasty. That meatball tagine looks delicious though. Will have to go back to sample that!

Alexxa said...

I've finally gotten around to officially following your blog after months of drooling over the delicious posts!
Loooks absolutley scrumptious!
Canberra pride worlwide! Us canberra girls have to stick together :) :)
x x


The InTolerant Chef said...

It is always hard to get meals for a big group ready to roll out together, but if they were going to take a while, the staff should let you know. The food looks really nice though!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Canberra has some great places to eat! :) Sounds like a second visit is definitely in order ;)

Anna Johnston said...

Aaahhh yes, Mecca Bah..., great photos... haven't been there for awhile, but this looks awesome.

Zapjelly said...

I love that place, too :) and I love your blog!

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