Rasa Sayang (Dickson)

Not long after trying Nyonya, we decided to give Rasa Sayang (43 Woolley Street, Dickson (02) 6249 7284) a go. It is a Chinese-Malaysian restaurant that looks suspiciously dark from the outside with a bright red neon sign - a bit intimidating...which is why i never tried Rasa Sayang all these years. As soon as you step in, however, you get a completely different feel. The restaurant feels warm, cozy and has a nice Chinese-Malaysian-restaurant-style decor.
We ordered three dishes (plus a dessert) which was more than enough for two people and extremely filling! We got Itek Panggang (Roast Duck a la Kuala Lumpur style, served with chilli plum sauce), Kedah Beef Curry (Tender Beef curried in chilli, lemon grass, crushed salted beans and tomato) and Eggplant Sambal. The roast duck was beautifully done, soft and tender inside with a very crispy skin outside - recommend it! I wasn't too fond of the beef curry, mainly because of its texture which was a bit thick and concentrated. Don't get me wrong, the flavours are nice...i just prefer smoother curries. The last dish - Eggplant Sambal - was very yummy (despite it being oily) and something for a change!
 Itek Panggang

 Kedah Beef Curry

Eggplant Sambal

For dessert, i ordered a Gula Melaka because i just couldn't get enough of it when i visited Nyonya (as you already know). I was hoping that it would bring back that deliciousness experience that i had or better. However, when the dessert came...my heart sank. It didn't look nearly as nice as the one i had in Nyonya but i decided to put the looks aside and leave it to the taste. It was alright but there wasn't enough palm sugar syrup and thus, it felt like i was eating sago drowned in coconut milk.
The dinner at Rasa Sayang was a pleasant one and NOT scary or dodgy like i thought previously (i even thought i would be kidnapped if i ever ate there a few years ago). The staff is very attentive and polite, making sure that you have a good dining experience. The highlights for me were the roast duck and the eggplant sambal - give it a go too! I might be back to try other dishes =)

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xphia said...

Woo.. another Msian restaurant to try! We went to Nyonya last night and had a great meal with lots of entertainment from the owner and the food was fantastic! Got to try the Sambal Prawns =)

Oh.. they have some special dishes which are not on the menu! We should all go and try one day

Yuki said...

@xphia: This restaurant has been there for ages..but i was alwyas reluctant to try =P Glad u liked Nyonya! The owner is very entertaining indeed. hehehe.
Both veggie dishes were not on the menu either.i think they also had egg fu yung as well..plus something else i can't remember. hehehe. if we go as a group..we should def. book =)

xphia said...

Yip.. he recommended some yin yeung egg, yung tofu, chilli crab and some other random stuffs... apparently its different everyday. haha you organise the next dinner there!

The InTolerant Chef said...

Glad you didn't get kidnapped this time either!

Yuki said...

@The intolerant Chef: yeah~~ safe and sound

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